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My son has been going to Little Bugs since he was 15 months old and has always been excited to go to nursery. They give the best level of care and you can see that the staff have great relationships with the children. The setting is lovely; not only do they have lots of indoor toys and activities, they also get to see the animals at Creepy Crawlies... it's not like I'm sending him to nursery, it's more like a day out! It really is the best nursery I've seen by far. 
Thank you Little Bugs 🙂
Little Bugs is an amazing place for your babies and toddlers, super super staff , best nursery ever! My grandson goes there so I highly highly recommend it. The care and the learning is to very high standards, well done Little Bugs you rock 😊
FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS! I have four children, and Little Bugs is the best!! The quality of care given to each individual child is first class, the play and learning is both imaginative and fun, so they are engrossed in learning through play. I have a very happy confident little boy who always has something new to show me every time I pick him up. And he still asks to go to nursery on his day it me????
Jane and Becky looked after my daughter from the age of 11 months until she started school. I suffered from the usual mother's guilt but their kindness and openess helped me to realise that I wasn't being neurotic. They always had time to ask about Matilda and how she had been and their easy smiles and genuine like for children put me at ease.
They are wonderful, caring people whom I trusted implicitly with my most treasure possession. They have been incredibly supportive of Matilda and our family as a whole when issues arose such as toileting, incredible temper tantrums & night terrors. Jane was always my first point of "go to" for any questions that I needed to ask in relation to the nursery and my child's care. Becky was my daughter's favourite person in the world and was referred to as "my Becky" for months.
They always have the child's best interests first and foremost and always strive to help them to be the best they can be.
I'm only sad to say that my daughter is too old to be able to enjoy the fabulous ethos behind Little Bugs.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6pm


Useful Info

Nursery fees include all food & snacks. We accept childcare vouchers. Please call 01904 692221 for further details