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Our Menu

Here at Little Bugs Childcare we’re passionate about children’s food

A dedicated chef

We're lucky to have a great chef who prepares the meals and snacks enjoyed by our Little Bugs. Not only that, he cheerfully supports the nursery’s activities with festive and seasonal menus, cooking up delights which fit into the projects taking place. For example, he may hold a barbeque whilst children celebrate Australia Day or prepare country-specific food as children learn about cultures around the world so that children can learn about and experience different foods.

The chef also works closely with the Nursery Manager, Jane, to hold cookery demonstrations and teach basic food preparation techniques. Children can often be found contributing to a soup, help preparing wraps or even enjoying a trip to shop for ingredients!

A healthy diet

Little Bugs Childcare offers lunch, tea and two snacks daily, meaning that you don’t have to worry about fixing food at the end of your busy day. The menu is a nutritious and balanced diet especially prepared for children, offering around ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day!

Food is prepared fresh on site and special dietary requirements of children are catered for.

A varied menu

Our chef prepares a seasonal menu, reflecting the food in season. To give you a flavour of what your child can expect, an example of a week’s Summer and Autumn menu is below.

Social skills around food

Children are taught about the importance of personal hygiene around meal times and eat together seated at a table. They are encouraged to respect meal times, the food on the table and their fellow Little Bugs – all important skills for life outside the nursery.

...and our summer menu.