Our Menu

Here at little bugs we’re passionate about the food our Little Bugs eat. We know how important a nutritious and balanced diet is and we value cooking and food skills. That’s why at Little Bugs we have our own chef who designs seasonal menus to suit the tastes of our Little Bugs, whilst also preparing tasty meals and snacks full of nutrients and vitamins.

Each day’s snacks and meals are packed with ten portions of fruit and vegetables. Children are offered two snacks, as well as lunch and tea, which come with a healthy and delicious dessert. Our menus are changed every three months to keep them diverse, seasonal and interesting. We also have themed meals and menus, based on different cultures and countries, to co-ordinate with projects and events covered by our Little Bugs.

Live demonstrations of simple cooking skills, given by our Little Bugs chef Wayne, help our children learn important cooking skills. Our Little Bugs learn about food, how it’s made, and different types of ingredients by safely helping with food preparation, cooking, and even shopping for ingredients.

To give you a flavor of our food, below is our summer menu:

Week 1

Snack Lunch: Main Lunch: dessert Snack Tea: Main Tea: Dessert
Monday Mango smoothie Chicken and potato salad Lemon Sorbet Vegetable Platter Pasta bows with ham and leek sauce Fruit salad
Tuesday Watermelon Gammon with new potatoes and vegetables Fruit Cookies Cheese, Grapes and Berry Platter Chunky Vegetable soup Banana Pancakes
Wednesday Pizza Slices Meatball pasta bake Strawberry Pavlova Veggie Nachos Picnic with sandwiches Swiss Role
Thursday strawberry Salsa with Cinnamon Dippers Mediterranean Chicken tray Bake Coconut Lime Bites Avocado Smoothie Spring Rolls with dip Ginger Flapjack
Friday Frozen -Yoghurt Lasagne and salad Raspberry  Coulis and yoghurt Greek Yoghurt and fruit dippers Ploughman’s Flapjack

Week 2

Snack Lunch: Main Lunch: dessert Snack Tea: Main Tea: Dessert
Monday Strawberry Smoothie Lemon and Herb chicken Eaton mess Fruit Scones Chorizo, Spring onion and new potato salad Fresh fruit and ice cream
Tuesday Rainbow bowl Salmon, new potatos and vegetables Lemon mousse Cheese Straws Macaroni Cheese and vegetables Honey, ginger and lemon bake
Wednesday Garlic Dip and Veggie Dippers Roast Chicken Dinner Trifle Apple nacho's Mexican soup and torticca Strips Bounty Bars
Thursday Strawberry and almond Bake Sweet Potato and Beef Curry Blue Berry Pancake Feta Cheese, Roasted peppers and oat Cakes Frittata Raspberry Pavcova
Friday Watermelon Slices Cheese and  Onion Quiche with new potatoes and salad Lemon Drizzle Cake Pizza Kebabs Pesto Fromage Fraiche with Berries